Game Development

Introduction in Game Development

With the increasing popularity of video games, and companies investing in developing countries. There is now a big opportunity in this field. Developing a game is a very tough task and is a requires 100% effort by everyone in the team. Game is not just about graphics or music. It’s about everything. It is similar how you make a film. You have a idea, create a roadmap, write script or code , add graphics or visual and add music.

To development a game you can hard code your way using a proramming language or you can use a Game Engine which will make your task much easier and most of the work will done will by the engine.

List of Engines


First in the list is a open source and free game engine with ability to make 2d and 3d games. It is becoming a industry standard Game Engine quickly because of it’s open source. You can also contribute to it’s development. You can develop using languages such C#,C++,GDScript and also with visual scripting.

Unreal Game Engine

The best in the indusrty. Indie or newcomers should avoid it as it is tough to master and it’s also not built for single developers or small teams. But if you want to go for best this is the option. C++ is the programing lanuage used to write scripts. Also support visual scripting

Unity Game Engine

Great for newcomers and indie developers. It is in par with Unreal Engine. You can make AAA quality with ease with ease. Language used is C# and javascript.

Game Maker Studio

Game Maker is a 2d Game Engine.Great for making 2d game and small projects. Supports C language.


This is just for the story tellers. If you want to tell the whole world your story using visual novel. It’s for you.

There is another game engine Twine which will create you a text-based game with little or no-graphics.

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